Hello 👋 , my name is

Ján Paranič

I am a digital product designer based in Prague with over six years of experience. My main focus is primarily on the early stages of digital products. That said, I like to work also on redesigns and improvements of run-in applications.

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Jan Paranic

Work experience

Product designer

MCON Group

August 2018 - August 2021, Prague, CZE

• Product design for six different CRM apps
• Created design guidelines for connecting all Cardess® products
• Responsible for maintaining design across all solutions
• Web applications for our partners BMW, Sixt-Leasing or Hyundai
• Involved in designing our internal iOS application
• Responsible for maintaining design across all solutions

UX/UI Designer


May 2020 - August 2021, Prague, CZE

• Designed CRM application and PWA for MojeČekárna
• UI design for Kerosin portal
• Product design for Blocheck
• Product design for Bez Maklére

UX/UI Designer

Katon Direct

September 2017 - November 2018, Remote

• Responsible for landing page web design
• UX/UI design for Nursely website
• Involved in UX/UI design for Katon Portal

Visual Designer

PMP Group

March 2016 - July 2017, Bratislava, SVK

• Responsible for print design materials for EY Podnikateľ roka 2017 event
• Responsible for print and marketing design materials for Accenture OpenSlava 2017 event

A few words on the design

Designing digital products is, for me, a creative process. It all starts with communication from stakeholders via clients to developers. I firmly believe that everyone needs to play his part in the process of designing digital products.

Working with a hypothesis is another essential part of creating successful products. Sometimes data are not available, and I need to work with either best practices or take into account gut feelings, which I like to test in the process. Testing and verifying prototypes are another fundamental part of the design process for me. I believe that it is nearly impossible to nail the perfect design on the first shot.

Testing and iterating always show me what I have missed in my assumptions, what is working, and what is not.

When I find proper solutions for a given problem, I love to start creating a basic design system that is growing over time. To have it all nice and consistent. Having a good UI is very important for the final product as well.

Keeping it organized is in my nature. I believe I can work faster and more efficiently when everything is well layered and easy to find. Well-structured design files are, in my opinion, very beneficial for developers as well.

What can I do


UX design

UI design

Prototyping & motion design

Early-stage branding

Webflow website