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Connecting physicians and patients in a seamless way

MojeČekárna is a Czech startup with a mission to modernize the relationship between doctors and patients. Application is doing actions like searching patient databases, medical history, or making appointments in the digital age.

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Project details

I was assigned to work on the MojeČekárna project as a product designer of the Rascasone team. We took over the project in an early phase of project development. The main aim was to create a new design system to merge all previous approaches into one. Improve the UX/UI of the CRM for physicians and redesign mobile applications with the new design language.

Design system

Mobile application

The mobile application's purpose is to help patients with routine tasks. Patients search for a new doctor, access to child or pet profiles, tracking and reminding your appointments, and many more. The main focus was on simpleness and accessibility for color blindness patients.

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CRM application

CRM is here to make doctors' lives easier. The backbone of the whole application is on the booking system, notifications, and database of patients. Anyway, one of the most complex parts was making doctors fill in all the necessary details about their ambulance since it contains a lot of information that medical staff needs to fill in.

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Vít Uličný
Founder & CEO of Rascasone

Jano spent over a year of his career with us. During that time, we had the opportunity to get to know each other very closely. Jano always worked very precisely and honestly. He always adhered to the agreed deadlines and estimates. If unexpected situations occurred, he always communicated in time and correctly to set the right expectations. His work is of high quality and has confirmed his senior level as UI / UX designer. At Rascasone, he mastered everything from logo and brand design to solving complex UX problems to demanding web animations. I would not hesitate and work with Jan anytime again, if possible.

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