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Finance management portal

FERI® is the leading investment house for a German-speaking client that analyzes, understands, and manages clients' investments.

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Project details

Redesign of the FERI® customer portal. The project's main aim was to implement new and powerful functions and make the application more user-friendly with a corporate look & feel. My part of this project included research, ideation, planning, and improving the desktop application's overall UI/UX.

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The dashboard is the primary stone on which the whole application stands. After research, we discovered that the page must select the desired portfolio and time period to process data. From clients, we found that the main areas they want to see are—total portfolio value, return of growth on currency, and percentage. Less priority was on managed assets details, return of growth details, position, and transaction details.

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Delivered screens

This freelance project took place at the beginning of 2021. After several weeks of design & iterations, I presented the final prototype to stakeholders and a selected group of clients. We have tested and iterated the last details. After almost two months, I was able to deliver all screens to stakeholders. Unfortunately, due to budget limitations, I was not asked to cooperate in the implementation phase.

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Working on this application was quite exciting. FERI® brand guidelines were challenging; adding some colors and minor typography changes made the portal look good. Yet, there were some limitations on time and budget, resulting in a smaller number of screens and iterations. Overall I believe we have delivered a lovely application.

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